Warning: Government Obesity leads to negative effects on liberty

You know the feeling.  You put on a pound or two here and there. Your clothes feel a little snug. You make no changes, and continue on a road of overeating and inactivity. Your clothes aren’t “snug” anymore. They downright do not fit! You have every intention of taking the extra pounds off, but, just this once, you’ll pick up a few extra clothing items – a size larger.

When you continue to ignore that you’re growing, you find yourself, once again, feeling that your clothes (the bigger ones!) are not quite as loose as they were when you bought them.

U.S. Government is growing larger

And so, the cycle continues. You’ll get active “some day”. Some day you’ll address this. As the years pass, you’ve set yourself up for a multitude of problems related to your obesity. Years ago, you weren’t “obese”. But as time crept by, and the pounds accumulated, and you didn’t put exercise into your daily routine – guess what? You’re obese.

And now you’ve got problems to address. Issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, and joint problems are a few of your concerns that grab your daily attention. You’re taking medications to treat conditions you don’t know how you acquired in the first place.

And so it goes with our obese government. First Lady Michelle Obama has claimed that obesity is “absolutely” a national security threat.

And she is right. The obesity of our government will be our demise.

The United States is in dangerous territory with the amount of debt we currently have. And we’ve packed on so many pounds of entitlement programs that we won’t recover financially for a very very long time, if at all.

Just as food becomes comfort and a means of avoidance for the weight-gainer, the idea of Big Brother in our lives becomes the norm as the government increases its size and its role in our personal lives.

Little by little, Americans are allowing its government to grow to such unhealthy proportions, that we have damaged our health as a free nation.

Growing Government is dangerous for the USAGovernment size is growing right before our eyes, like inches being added to our waistlines over the years.

Barack Hussein Obama is treated like a rock star by the media, and they are sabotaging our health. News anchors are hiding truths and convincing Americans that the Obama administration is good for the United States. They are feeding Cheese Doodles and Soda to an obese population! Worse, they’re convincing Americans that junk food is good for them!

The obese person struggling today with heart disease and diabetes didn’t think ten years ago that the lack of exercise and those extra ice cream treats would lead them into such dangerous territory.

And ten years ago, Americans never thought we’d be fighting to keep our Constitution alive. We couldn’t imagine that gun confiscation would be on the table.

But it is.

Our fiscal health, our independence, and our individuals rights are in serious jeopardy.

When Doc lays the bad news on his patient that it’s “either lose the weight or you will shorten your life”, a sincere effort to get one’s health in order typically takes place.

The latest Presidential election, which gave Barack Hussein Obama an additional four years to continue policies that grow government, seems to be the wake up call that so many complacent Americans needed.

This is our wake up call.

The test results are in. We’re in trouble. Our freedoms are in jeopardy.

Americans may sit on the couch while government grows larger and larger, and eventually destroys us as free individuals.

Or, we will rise up and be on the treadmill of political activism, day in and day out and insist on shrinking the size of this massive government!

Michelle Obama’s campaign slogan “Let’s Move!” suggests that we get busy and stay active. Taking her advice just might save this country.

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